An Introduction to the Course + How Gratitude Works in Your Life

Consider for a moment, what you already know about the practice of gratitude.

Maybe you express gratitude easily, as you give thanks to others and acknowledge the good that exists in your life, and now you would like to harness this 'positive' energy, to bring into your life more of what you want - deliberately.

Perhaps you are curious to experience how daily gratitude can curate the feelings of positivism, increased levels of happiness, life satisfaction, a greater willingness to be forgiving; and to experience firsthand how gratitude can boost your confidence. Science has shown that gratitude contributes to one's overall sense of wellbeing.

Gratitude nurtures adaptive coping mechanisms. When you experience positive emotions such as: satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure, that are associated with holding gratitude, you enhance your emotional resilience which makes you less susceptive to everyday stressors (Gloria & Steinhardt, 2016).

At a neurobiological level, gratitude regulates the sympathetic nervous system which activates our anxiety response, and at the psychological level, gratitude conditions the brain to filter the negative ruminations and to focus on positive thoughts.

"By displacing our attention from problems to solutions, gratitude practices invoke the serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin neurotransmitters that make us feel good.”

Burton, L. R. (2020). The Neuroscience and positive impact of gratitude in the workplace. American Association for Physician Leadership. Retrieved from

You may be interested in how the practice of gratitude contributes to greater self-esteem and how being grateful can reinforce your belief in your potential for being (and having) more.

You may also be pleased to discover how a regular practice of gratitude is a powerful expression for co-creating your future; in realizing your destiny; and in being reminded of the many blessings in your life currently.

What we are discovering is how gratitude is instrumental in the having of what you want using the universal law of attraction and the laws of allowing and deliberate creation.

Let the sacred lessons of gratitude open you to the deeper messages of your heart. As you begin to practice gratitude daily, witness for yourself the benefits of an enhanced mood state; feel the blessings of your life that you are free to enjoy now, and revel in your personal power each time you ask and then are grateful for what you desire.

"Gratitude is both a curator of positive present moment experience and a deliberate path for the manifesting of abundance."

Gratitude is the willingness to open your heart and mind to the blessings of life that exist all around you.

Each time you hold gratitude - whether for a situation, another person, an action, or unto yourself, you awaken to realize the richness of abundance that permeates your life; that opens you to witness the many "gifts" of kindness and love that adorn you.

Each of the 30 sacred lessons in the course are beautifully curated to help you discover how to practice gratitude as a deliberate aspect of how you live the moments of your life.

Each lesson encourages understanding and the resolve to pay closer attention; to witness the beauty and love that surrounds you, and that fills your heart.

We are all instinctively drawn to actions of kindness and love. We all have the freedom to choose this as a way of being in the world.

Invoking gratitude is how you rediscover your innate source of authentic happiness.

As you acknowledge and hold gratitude for all that you appreciate, you reap the benefits of authentic happiness fused with the deliberate co-creating of what more you desire.

The practice of daily gratitude will inspire you to uphold your desires for a life lived with meaning and fulfillment; and to take the deliberate steps towards this.

When you live with gratitude, you witness the beauty and love that is present in your life each day. You intrinsically experience your heart open - able to witness the loving kindness that is offered by others and of what you are.

For all of humankind, gratitude is a powerful means of uplifting the spirit, for acknowledging the good in our self and others, and for being witness to the abundance that flows readily into our life.

In holding deliberate gratitude we are reminded of the infinite possibilities that exist - and we encouraged to live these - daily.

With each sacred lesson of the course, I encourage you to hold your heart open; as you allow your positive feelings to uplift and inspire you, and as you curate future moments of authentic happiness that abound out of deliberate appreciation, thanks, and gratitude.

Where it may be a challenge to hold gratitude, see if you can examine the situation with a willingness to observe from a new and different perspective. This will allow you to feel appreciation for what is still unknown and unfolding in divine timing - and as the yet unveiled benefit of this experience may still be on its way to you.

As you hold gratitude you discover new meaning in the ordinary; and with what might have previously been an absence of pleasure and enjoyment.

Allow your experience of gratitude to be felt most deeply in your heart center. This will help you to live open and to evoke contentment, peace, and loving kindness.

In your deliberate practice of gratitude, you come to know what inspires you and what you are encouraged by. Let the promise of gratitude be what you live as.

Namaste!! 💜

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