DAY ONE: Gratitude Is A Blessing I Give Unto Myself

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Just like when we are in a session of coaching and/or therapy, I will ask that here, you participate in the experiential practice that accompany each day's sacred teaching. This is so important for you to have the full understanding of the experience, and for you to witness the magic of gratitude in your life.

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Namaste! πŸ™

When you practice gratitude for who you are, for what you are happy with and proud of, for what you can acknowledge as a strength, an aptitude, a skill, a passion; you are anchoring the positive feelings associated with your self worth.

Practice self-gratitude. This is the expression of thanks that you hold towards yourself because of who you are. You can express thanks and feel blessed even as you are aware of the changes that you seek to be and become more.

Gratitude is an important way of acknowledging your potential; your goodness; and who you continue to become.

On this first day of the course, acknowledge what you are grateful for.

Notice how it feels to witness the blessings of your life and to be grateful for who and what you are (even as you continue to strive for more).

When you are grateful, the world opens to you. You witness firsthand the incredible blessings that continue to make their way into your life... effortlessly.

In today's sacred lesson, practice what will become your new habit of gratitude. Give thanks. Acknowledge your goodness; what you have to offer, and how you have helped others with your kindness and love.

Notice that giving thanks to yourself becomes a powerful way of receiving and having more.

Begin this first sacred lesson with the gift of gratitude directed unto yourself for you are a true reflection of goodness, generosity, and love.

What three things about yourself are you grateful for - as you are now?

Write your answers.

Be present with the feeling of gratitude. What does it feel like?

What are some words that describe the feeling of gratitude towards yourself?

Where in your body do you feel the expression of gratitude?

To acknowledge the abundance of your life and all that you are, is how you nourish and curate joy. Through gratitude, you are reminded of your blessings and your worth. This helps you to hold belief in your ability for accomplishing and having more.

Acknowledge the good in you. Witness the abundance that is everywhere a part of life and of your infinite nature. This is how you feel blessed and fortunate.

Acknowledge the beauty that exists in all living things, and in yourself.

Practice being witness to the sacred blessings of life.

Acknowledge the good in your life and in who you are now without needing more. The more thankful you feel, the more goodness that comes to you.

Next, use the following sentence stem and write as many endings as you can think of right now.

When I am grateful, I feel...




an appreciation of myself

+ [add your own observations of how you feel when you are grateful]






Consider the ways that you feel more inspiration, love, generosity, and self-appreciation when you are grateful.

You may wish to contemplate this question for a time, and to come back to it throughout today as you hold gratitude of yourself and as you witness the positive expressions of your gratitude.

At the end of today, note three experiences that you gave yourself that you are grateful for.

This is a beautiful beginning to the practice of experiencing self-gratitude. πŸ™

Well done! I look forward to joining you next in Day Two!


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