DAY TWO: Gratitude Is The Allowing of Abundance

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Gratitude is the experience of abundance as a natural outpouring of 'what is'.

Here in Day Two of the course, you are introduced to a selection of sacred Mantras...

I am always provided with more than enough.

I live in abundance.

The universe brings a constant flow of abundance into my life.

I live in the ever-present knowledge that I may have everything that I desire and more.

The law of allowing is considered one of the most important Universal Laws for successfully harnessing the power of abundance to experience an amazing life.

You collaborate with this universal law by letting go of resistance, fear, and doubt and allowing and receiving all that comes into your life - with gratitude.

Abundance is supported by allowing. This means being open to and allowing what abundance flows into your life. There are many ways that we say 'no' to abundance. We block the receiving of what life has to offer by rejecting the flow; by being resistant to our experiences and the life events that happen; and by trying to control the outcome based on a limited scope or perspective of what we think is best, rather than allowing and trusting in the bigger picture of what life has in store for us.

Be accepting of and inclusive to what 'is' - even if at first glance it doesn't seem to be the best outcome. Instead look to the limitless possibilities of what is to come.

Be mindful of the ways that you may be impeding the flow of abundance by being afraid of something new, by denying or rejecting, and by being unwilling to move out of your comfort zone when new opportunities or experiences challenge you to grow.

Instead, make it possible to witness the flow of abundance in your life by choosing to allow it, as it is already in front of you. Trust that abundance is readily occurring ever so perfectly in your life.

Look for and be grateful of the many examples of abundance that continue to flow into your life. This is the unfolding and outpouring of the universal law of allowing working with you. As you acknowledge abundance in the different forms that it comes to you, you allow for its deliberate presence in your life.

In today's sacred lesson, your action is to be willing to allow; to accept and receive abundance (in the form that it arrives), and to see abundance in all of life so readily.

Abundance is... the plentiful of good things; of prosperity; of overflowing and of ample amounts of something.


Begin by reminding yourself of the abundance of life that is all around you; and particularly in what is normally taken for granted. Consider air and breath. We live with an abundance of oxygen and breath. We can appreciate each inhalation and exhalation allowing us an abundance of life sustaining oxygen, or we can be completely unaware of this process.

The experience of breath is a reminder of what we are as life force energy. When we pay attention to our breathing, we become witness to our true nature as energy. We can experience the abundance of our breath as energy - moving through us - sustaining our existence and also fueling our deepest aspirations for life.

Be attentive to the deeper aspect of conscious, deliberate breathing - offering you 'inspir' ation as you hold gratitude for the abundance of air that you breathe.

In the same way, you can practice gratitude for the abundance that exists in its many forms ever so perfectly in your life - now.

As you practice gratitude for the many examples of abundance already existing in your life, notice how you feel. Does the acknowledgement of abundance in your life inspire you to feel blessed? Does your acknowledgement of abundance reveal even more blessings that you might have otherwise overlooked? Let yourself be reminded of the divine gifts of grace flowing into your life in every moment.

Acknowledge three examples of abundance that you are grateful for now. Say these aloud as you hold gratitude in your heart for the abundance already in your life.

Of today's sacred lesson: practice daily gratitude for the abundance in your life. To acknowledge abundance affirms that it is always flowing into your life.

If you are on a spiritual path, perhaps you may also observe abundance as a sacred gift (or blessing) bestowed to you by the universe (God, Allah, Source, the divine, or whatever name you give to this infinitely intelligent universal consciousness).

"Ask for what you want. Hold gratitude for the receiving of it. Allow for it to flow into your life with ease."

- dorothy ratusny

Thank you so much for this sacred practice of allowing of abundance!

When you are ready, I will join you in Day Three!


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