DAY THREE: Gratitude Is The Expression Of L O V E.

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Gratitude is the expression of love flowing through you and outwards onto others. We have gratitude when we 'love life', when we have 'appreciation' for the beauty of nature; when we 'give and receive love' freely and 'without conditions'; and for acts of 'deliberate random kindness' that spread love into the world so magically.

Hold gratitude πŸ™ for the having and giving of πŸ’œ love.

When you open your heart to express gratitude, you simultaneously feel the energy of love.

Love is the most powerful energy of the universe. It flows through all living things in all moments.

We have a choice. We can live as this sacred divine energy.

In all of the ways that life provides for you, let your gratitude be an expression of the giving and receiving of love.

As you practice gratitude, notice the openness that you feel in your heart center and the experience of the energy of divine (spiritual) love flowing through you.

*Enjoy the guided meditation that is a part of this day's sacred lesson - to experience divine spiritual love as expansive, powerful, and as what you are.

Let your expression of gratitude be felt as love - directed towards others and simultaneously felt within.

Practice gratitude for the experience of love; and for how it is both abundant and so beautifully a part of your life.

When you hold gratitude for your ability to experience and express love it inspires you to be love; and to live as the true essence of what you are.

Gratitude is what allows you to experience and express love freely.

Gratitude opens your heart to be love. In the expression of gratitude, you experience the energy of love - you become this.

You realize that love is abundant; love is your true nature. It is your dharma (purpose) to be loving and kind, as what allows you to live a beautiful and meaningful life; and in a state of perpetual happiness.

Gratitude is what supports your experience of love so beautifully.

When you are grateful, you feel the outpouring of love as the energy of your gratitude.

When you want to practice greater self-love or love of others and humankind, practice gratitude first, directed towards yourself and others.

We all need to be able to feel gratitude for the experiences of love in our life.

Love of others, love of our self, love of all living beings; love of the possibility of what you continue to manifest. Know that you have the power and ability to feel love first from within; and to be loving kindness to yourself and others - in all moments.

If you would like to discover and learn more about how you can live as a being of love, you must check out my online course, here in the School of WISDOM: The Sacred Teachings of Being Love and experience the first day's lesson as my gift!

Well done! Practice feeling the expression of L O V E felt throughout your being as an outpouring of your gratitude. Please listen to the Guided Meditation that accompanies this day's sacred lesson, and replicate the experience of feeling divine love as what you are.

When you are ready, I will join you again in Day Four!


Please enjoy this Guided Meditation: "Gratitude Is The Expression of (Divine) Love" (below) and experience the sacred energy of love felt as you hold gratitude for what is here and all that is still on its way to you. πŸ™

Namaste! xo dorothy

Music: Eliah's Ascension by Venja & Aqua by William Gregg

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