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  Lesson #3: Breath Awareness

As you practice the sacred teaching of Lesson #2: "being in the present moment" you begin to feel a greater ease in being able to focus on your breath. The simplest way to bring your attention back into this moment is to return your awareness to your breath. Make it a practice to take a new inhalation breath each time you notice your mind is on whatever has taken you out of the present moment. Bring your attention to your inhalation - slow and deep - filling your lungs from the bottom to the top. This is how you feel the expression of breath fully in your body.

When we draw our breath into us, we are at once immediately aware of our presence in our body and in this moment. We feel the expansion in our chest as our lungs fill with oxygen and our mind is given a task; a place to focus for the brevity of those moments until we are ready to release our breath.

The simple action of breathing with awareness is also a beautiful way to experience what we are as energy. As we breathe in beautiful life force energy we can also imagine what we want to exist as. We can see or even say the words that evoke for us impressions of love felt fully in our body. Words such as: beauty, love, kindness, divine, spiritual being, 'oneness with god', truth, happiness and any other that for you depicts the positive feelings and felt sensations that you wish to hold in your being - are also an enlightened way to focus the attention of the mind.

When we allow our attention to be on a single word or phrase of words of our choosing, we feel the sensations in our body elicited by these words. This is a powerful way to shift our state of being into one of loving kindness - deliberately.

In this way you use your breath as a tool; a guiding system that will always help you bring your awareness back into the present moment. Your breath is your ally. It is your deepest expression of life experienced (felt) in your physical being and simultaneously what evokes the presence of your oneness with all living beings. As you practice breathing with awareness you experience how you can deliberately feel calmness.

Awareness of your breath is also a reminder of what you are as energy.

In this BEING LOVE Course and in all of the BEING LOVE Workshops, you are shown how to experience your breath as a oneness with the universal consciousness - e.g. source - god - and any other name that you may use in reference of the divine. You also experience how you are divine oneness. The energy of your breath may be your reminder that you are also bringing in the beautiful life force energy that is love.

Love is the most powerful energy of the universe.As you breathe with awareness, consider how you can experience the energy of love flowing through you and out from you; and how life force energy as breath may also be experienced as the powerful energy of love flowing through all living beings.

When we choose to witness our breath in this more profound and powerful way, breathing takes on a sacred and deliberate meaning. Perhaps you too will experience, as the result of this sacred lesson, your ability to be attentive to your breath as much as possible and to experience with breath - the deliberate feeling of oneness with the universal consciousness - life force energy - love.

Please enjoy the following beautiful Guided Meditation as a way of experiencing your breath as life force energy, and as oneness with Divine (spiritual) love:

Music Credits (guided meditation):
1. Calm (live edit) by Circular
2. Enshrouded by Dreamphonic
3. Fractal by The Echelon Effect